Since I acquired the G5 case somewhat banged up, I have not be to concerned about making this a beauty queen. The case looks fairly good, even with a few scratches. The bottom line it I'm more concerned with function and maintainability on the inside than I am making everything look perfect. I don't want to put weeks of my time into this project. I want it done!

Here I am mounting a 4 bay drive cage. I have only one more 4 bay mount to build, which will go in the optical bay. These won't be hot swap drive bays. So, the idea was to make it removable on slide rails for service. Pictures show two 4GB SCSI drives, which will be removed. For now they keep the drive bay square.

This shows one set of rails installed.

I needed to nip a piece off the drive cage to give some of the existing wiring room to breath.

Drive Cage Installed.

Note the existing drive bays on the top right of the full case photos. I thought I'd need special drive bay rails. It turns out, I only need round head screws and maybe a couple of washers to mount two drives there.