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nice work! that looks like it'll be pretty sweet and you will have a ridiculous amount of storage. I was pretty excited when I bought another enclosure for one of the hard drives I had lying around to add 120 gb onto my system, I've got 300 total now, you have nearly 100 times more.

Don't get too excited. I only have 5TB right now. This whole enclosure only has one drive in it right now--a 320GB drive--the original one I had in my Mac Pro. I tried selling it twice on eBay and had no takers. TB drives are getting cheaper, but at $250 each, ten of them would set me back $2500--oouch. So it will be a year or two before I fill it up.

My plan is to start adding drives as I have money, and learn how to edit. I'm going to Manhattan Thursday night--an Apple Final Cut demonstration. I need to start meeting other people in the industry. I've picked up a few books, but finally decided I'll go with the Apple study program.