Just getting the hang of sizing and embedding these images. here is the bare case.

Here is the donor RAID box.

More internals to be moved over.

Port Multiplier

Cutting the front to make an access door to the 10 Hot Swap Bays.

Here is the front switch assembly with USB and Firewire ports. I have the connector that fits into this. I may try to use this switch and make the firewire and USB ports active. I don't see that I will use the USB ports, and I'll only be using firewire to transfer data into the computer. So i don't think I'll need more of these. It all depends if I have time on my hands. It would be nice to get the switch working.

I ground off all the mounting posts. I should have left a few--it would have come in handy later. At first I wanted to see if the whole RAID enclosure would fit inside. Then I decided to cut it down the middle to section it, and only use the front half.

I cut whole in two blank card slots covers with rectangular holes to take the port multipliers. I can't find the pictures so I'll post them later. I put them back to back so the cables will fit. These port multipliers are available built into a card cover. The problem of not enough space for the wires remains.

Using a combination of pop rivets and nuts and bolts i secure the power supply to the base of the G5 case, and then the break-out board for the power cables. Finally I mounted the drive age assembly for the 10 hot swap drives.

At this point I reinstalled the base of the front, and press fit the cover to see what the final product will look like. I do not have the wires hooked up yet, nor are the two four bay drive cages. One will be easy, the other (for the optical bay) more difficult. I may have to mount the next two port multipliers on the back of the case, simply because I don't think the wires will fit if I mount them next to the two others.

Here is how it will look when complete.