I thought you folks might find this interesting. I wanted to start my own video editing company and began with a 8 core Mac Pro 3.2 GHz--base system with 2 GB Ram and a 320GB Hard Drive. My goal is 27 1TB drives in two enclosures--without any rack mount, and with quiet operation.

Here is how I started.

I next upgraded the four drive bays in my Mac Pro with (4) Seagate 1TB hard Drives. I pulled the memory and sold it on eBay. I put in (4) 4GB Memory boards for a total of 16 GB. I chose this size memory board so I'll have room to upgrade to 32GB as memory prices drop. So far, it seems like 8GB is as much as I've used, but then I've hardly tried video editing yet, so it remains to be seen how much memory I'll really need. I'll probably max it out at some point, just for grins.

My next mod was to disassemble much of the machine get at the two spare onboard SATA connectors. Presently these cables are run to a card slot. I can post pictures of how to take the computer apart in another forum post, if anyone is interested.

But as I expect to fill up all my card slots, they will be moved and used internally. I am holding off on most of the internal mods until my warranty gets a bit older.

I was using one of these Sata connectors to hook up a single drive in a double drive enclosure--a 3.5" Mercury Elite Pro. I felt this would never be able to satisfy my storage needs, so it was probably a waste of money.

I plan to build a mod to add three drive bays to the 2nd optical bay. One will be my OS 10 boot disk, one will be a windows boot disk, and the third will be a Solaris 10 boot disk. My other four drive bays will be a RAID 0 Stripe Set served by an Apple Raid Controller.

Still I needed more storage, so I bought a used, slightly banged up, G5 Power Mac case on eBay. This is a pretty big box and I knew I could stuff 20 drives in it, if I planned it right. My over all plan is this. The box has two (2) drive bays already to go. I figure I can fit 4 more drives in the single optical bay. I have an old drive cage that will hold 4 more, that's 10. I picked up (2) five drive hot swap bays (That's 20 bays), a cage, power supply, power splitter, and two addonics sata port multiplier, along with a Sonnet Temp (Software Raid) four port Sata card. All I need are two more port multipliers and a bit more sheet metal and I'll have everything I need.

Are you ready for some pictures?