Ok, a little disappointed here. Oh well, I was trying to build a raid system that could do what was stated above, but also shut itself down on weekends, and restart on monday(Energy conservation, plus their location gets real hot during summer months especially on weekends when AC systems don't run as much).

I was also trying to centralize all backups and archives into 1 location. I do have some old MDD G4's lying around, I could just build an archive system on that, and keep backups on separate system.

Waragainstsleep, yes, I was planning on using a raid controller from highpoint.

I would consider using a MDD logic board in an ATX box (they got just as hot as Quicksilvers!), but Its kinda hard to fit their logic board into a ATX case when they inverted PCI placement.

Maybe we'll just use external FireWire or eSATA raids. If i was planning to iSCSI, i would have them invest in something like an Xserve, with some sort of storage.

Keep the suggestions coming, I'm still in planning stages.