I'm building a simple rig for someone that will consist of a G4 in an ATX with LOTS of cooling, and about 9-10 drives. I'm looking at the LIAN LI Armorsuit PC-P60 case for pass thru cooling

This machine works well, but runs hot. The unit is only used for network backups at the present time, but we also want to use it for a NAS device for their archival storage.

1 TB network backup and 6-7 TB for archival storage, plus offsite FireWire backups.

What I'm wondering is, if anyone knew what type of power supply I would need for 9 or so drives on a G4? I'm pulling the logic board from a dual 1ghz quicksilver

If I have to put a bigger power supply in, what do I need to put in? Suggestions?

I have my own G4 to ATX conversion at home with 5 drives, at it stays cool all the time, but this needs more drives.

Rob Frank