I have a beige G3 desktop running 10.4.11 (thanks to XPostFacto) and it is very usable for most everyday uses: email, internet, word processing, etc. I suggest a G4 processor, not a faster G3, because some of the newer apps (Toast 8 or 9, for example) won't run on less than a G4. A Sonnet 500 MHz G4 is a good upgrade for this machine. For a hard drive controller I use an ATTO PSC Express SCSI card driving a 15K SCSI HDD. Your optical drive should be able to read DVDs. You'll also want a good PCI video card. I had a flashed Radeon 7000/64 MB card but I recently switched it for a flashed GeForce 5200/256 MB PCI card. I had a lot of spare parts on hand, what I didn't have I bought used at really cheap prices, flashed my own PC video cards, and tried to hold the cost to $100. Reality Check- you can now buy a Sawtooth or maybe even a used Digital Audio for that $100. I mainly did the upgrades because this is the first Mac I ever bought and I'm curious about how long I can keep it going- the beige G3s are built like tanks!