At one time, in MacAddict (now MacLife), I'd seen a Power Macintosh 7xxx into a vintage stereo (radio/turntable) conversion. The guy doing the mod had mounted a vertical CD drive behind the radio tuner dial, and that's about all I remember of it.

One possibility, for me, is to convince my dad to help me dig out my ca. 60s/70s Zenith console stereo (AM/FM tuner/3-spd. turntable/8-track deck), and set about to getting the guts of my beige G3 DT into that. If I remember correctly, the tuner is the only thing that actually works. With a bit of work, I could probably convert the 8-track deck into an iPOD dock, and with a PCI-USB card I might be able to replace the stock turntable with something like one of the ION USB turntables. The biggest headache might be where to mount the optical drive, but otherwise I might have the makings of being able to do some vinyl to MP3 conversions with some retro kinda style. smile