Hi MacMods,

I have 2 late 2004 G4 iBooks. One is a 12" with a broken display and the other is a 14" with a dead logic board.

What was meant to be a tiny look & with tiny screws everywhere it appeared to me that both the 12 & 14 had the same board or part number, just a different or faster clocked cpu, they certainly looked the same, so I remove the 12" logic board and attach it to the 14" case but before to long I see the battery connecter is already attached but to short to reach

It works without battery, I tested with power adaptor smile

I thought but wanted to check if it was as simple as snipping the 'small pin battery transfer board’ at the logic board end and soldering those wires to the old 12" logic boards battery connector which is soldered directly to the board.

But Ive found a couple of posts by flippy10 (http://www.macmod.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3039) where the logic board was killed by assuming the battery connector on the 12 & 14" board were the same & where soldering them in there matching order ruined the power supply & that the 'battery connector on the 12' flips'.

Am I correct that despite the voltages from the 12" (10.8v) & 14" (14.4v) this is something that this can be done? That the damage was caused by the connecting the cables back to front?

If so what is the best way to reconnect the battery transfer board to the 12" logic board which has the battery connector soldered directly to the board, so I can make the 14” portable?

Thanks in advance!