Here is my opinion on the matter:
Apple does need to release a mid-class desktop. However, I don't think it should be too customizable. Microsoft has had so much trouble because they are forced to support everything that comes out. The Mac platform is different in that the hardware is carefully selected so that it all works and we won't have to worry about bad drivers. The hackintoshes may work well for geeks who have the knowledge to get them to work but the average user won't know what to do. I think Psystar could ruin some of the loyalty to Apple products as they have a reliability that apple answers to, not a multitude of companies that blame each other for product failure. To summarize my point:
Apple needs to open up their desktop line a bit more but they can't let go of the reins and let outside companies start making computers for os x unless they are restricted in their part usage. Even then I am not too sure that I would buy a clone over a real apple. Jus my thoughts on the issue. Have a great day.