I have an imac G4 "lamp" with a 20" flat screen that I really love and don't want to part with. I think it's the most beautiful desktop system Apple has put out to date. But it's starting to show it's limitations. I have an enormous itunes library and when itunes is open my system bogs down to a crawl. Is it possible to internally modify my machine into an intel core2 duo and add around 4gig of RAM while I'm at it? I asked the folks at Daystar, who offer an imac upgrade ( http://daystartechnology.com/Apple_Mac_P...iMac_FP_PS.html ) but they say no way, never. They won't say if it is technically impossible or if they have some corporate/political reason they can't do it. It seems to me that since a mac mini is smaller than the base of my computer that it should be possible but I've never tried anything like this before. I have a feeling there are a lot of G4 imac owners out there who would love this too. I've searched the internet high and low but can't find any discussion of this type of mod. Ideas? Thanks.