I'm not exactly sure what you are asking now. All the white/clear iBook G3s and all G4s have identical display data (LVDS) connectors on their logic boards.
The LCDs vary however, sometimes the same model of iBook can have more than one make and model of LCD panel. Some of these have the same connecters on the LCD end, but some are different. I don't think I have seen more than two or three variants though. Bottom line is, if you have a cable that connects to the LCD, it will connect to and work with any iBook logic board later than a clamshell.
If you lift the whole top half from one iBook and connect it to another, it will be fine (though there is more variation with the connectors and lengths of inverter and antenna cables, and only some have reed switches in the lid).

I'm rambling now, but basically, if the cable fits in the back of the LCD, you are good to go.