Well, there's a USB driver board usually. You can directly solder that onto the logic board USB port, or to a hub. Whichever is to your liking. And extending the inverter is cake, just make sure you match the wires correctly when you extend them. I'm not sure if there is an upper limit on wire length, but I highly doubt it.

There are tons of touch screens out there, the hardest thing would be finding one that is Mac compatible (besides having the right size, of course.. Since the Lombard is a 14.1 it really shouldn't be hard.)

There is always the Wacom integration option. There is quite a good amount of room in the Lombard screen housing.

I think you may want a more durable LVDS cable as the Wallstreet/Lombard/Pismo ones tend to be a bit flimsy and can tear extremely easily. The inverter itself is housed in the body and not in the screen housing, so you may be able to get away with just extending the wires for the backlight bulb. (inverter out)

[Just a sidenote... I'm positive the ModBook is a slate tablet, not a switchable tablet.]

I think a good start would be to examine the designs of some pre-existing switchable tablets, to get your hinge/slide design down pact. It may be quite tricky. Good luck! smile