Hey All,

I have replaced the Stock 120mm fan with a SilenX 120x120x38mm - 18dBA - 90CFM iXtrema Pro Fan with Fluid Dynamic Bearings. From FrozenCPU.com.

The machine is over all alot quieter, now my question is... The fan looks like it's a three wire fan, can I easily trim it so I only have the Red and Black needed? Or can I just slave this off of the Optical drive, I do have a conversion cable that came with the fan.

Another question is, after running the machine for about 45 minutes, it dies. Just turns off, and the power button flashes a few times, I can push and hold it for 10 seconds and then it powers right back up, I'm curious if this is the Fan connector the motherboard "freaking" out do to it not have the solo Red and Black connectors, or if it's something else that is failing? if so...Now what??? */cry...

Thanks for your help!,

Dsmith7079 ;D