That works with the cameras from the iMac G5. I believe it will work for the laptop ones too. I had one kicking about at one point.

In the MacBook, the cable is built into the same ribbon as the LVDS. It connects to the mobo on the same connector as the LVDS too, but it is USB so if you get the wires right it will be fine. You might need a MacBook LVDS cable so you can snip off the part of the cable which plugs into the camera board.

The camera in the MacBook Pro has its own connector on the board but I don't get to look inside the clamshells much on them since they are whole unit replacements from Apple.

The other trick will be the driver. Apple does write Windows drivers for the iSights, but whether you can extract them from a Leopard DVD in a way you can use them is another matter.