UPDATE: My new HDD showed up in the mail yesterday! I got it installed and then went to work on the dongle. Grabbed my multimeter to verify which lead was positive and negative on the board. As we suspected, the pin pattern on the board matched conventional order. However, the bluetooth port on the board only puts out 3.3 volts... Odd. Well, I hooked it up anyway, *HOPING* that there would be enough juice there to run a tiny bluetooth dongle.

I booted the machine up off of my 10.5 cd, ran System Profiler, and no bluetooth. There is just not enough juice coming off of that port to power anything except Apple's board. So, sometime later when I get back into my machine, I'll probably yank out my 56k modem and put the dongle there, wired into a USB port. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The port on the MoBo is NOT a usb compatible port...
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-USMC Corporal Hess Sherrod B:6/6/84 D:4/6/09 I miss you, my brother.