ok, well I have a relly nice 12' Alluminum G4 that I totally love, unforunately the alluminum case has taken a beating over the years, I got a son who loves to drop it, it's a tough sucker been kicked punched dropped half a dozen times, so I was thinking that I would like to buy an old broken down G3 Clamshell on ebay and case-mod the guts of my Powerbook into the Clamshell umm.. shell... What do you think? I love the clamshells i think they are awsome I always wanted one when they came out but I never had the cash. Now that i have some money to burn their way obsolete and nowhere near even completely maxed out what I would need for it to function properly.

I don't want to keep any of the guts of the clamshell i just want the case... What do you you think? Is it possible? Can It be done? What do you guys think I will need to do it? Dremel ect?