This is my first post here and I was interested in installing a CPU Module from a Quicksilver G4 into my Digital Audio 466mhz. Now I know it is possible but I have some questions that I could not find answers to through Google nor through searching these forums.

1. Are there any written procedures with photos on what mods must be done, specifically something definitively showing me which is the 4th mounting hole that the 12v lead goes to?

2. Will any Quicksilver CPU work?
a. One from a 2002 Quicksilver
b. A dual G4 CPU Quicksilver into a single DA

I have not bought one yet but I want to give my aging DA a nice speed boost. After market accelerators are not an option since they are far too expensive but those Quicksilver ones are dirt cheap and can hopefully let this old machine run Leopard well. Though I may just run Tiger currently I am running 10.3.9 and want the same speed I have now or better running a more modern Mac OS X.