New to the forum, so forgive me if any part of this has been discussed before.

I am looking at doing a 9" touch screen tablet mac, slate style. I am hoping for something eee pc sized, but mac powered.

Here is the general idea:
-Run a 9" lcd screen through the video output on a macbook(ridiculous to reconfigure a screen to run from the internal video), external monitor means i can switch to portrait or landscape right from the system prefs 'display' pane
-Lay a 4wire touch screen over the lcd and run it through one of the usb ports.
-Switch the HDD for a 16gb flash drive wired into the board, to save battery, weight and space
-create a new flat battery pack and run it through the external power input (magsafe). This means i can configure the batteries however i want instead of having to use the macbook brick and when a macbook battery is removed it underclocks to 1ghz which will mean big power savings
-no superdrive, i can use the space, weight, and power savings

So, what do you think would be some of the hang ups?

I can run the vga signal through the video output, but where on the logic board can i get the power? Does anyone have a logic board diagram where the can point out it out? I am thinking of using a black crystal case and cutting it down to size for the case. Probably mod the HDD cable by soldering a usb-hdd cable to it and then attaching the flash drive to it. For text input I am thinking of using touchStrokes, unless someone knows of a free alternative. I think on-screen gestures like double-tap, swipe for coverflow, and two finger scrolling should still work. Anyone know where I can get a used macbook logic board?