I realize that you're right about those pads. It was my 12' PBG4 with the sloppy huge clumps of thermal paste not the iBook. The logics are similar, and my memory is about as reliable as a hard drive underwater. Still though, Pads or Paste? I've always loved paste and according to things I've read paste creates a better connection. Less distance between components. Problem is, is that the pads also close that distance better i.e. if the heatsink is designed to sit higher in it's mounts.

Anyway, I've decided that the computer will be red and white. White Trackpad and keyboard. Red top case and bottom case, display bezel etc... The black is nice, but honestly, if I really wanted black I would've bought a black MacBook. I'd rather be the odd ball here. Besides, my iBook is black already smile
Ordered a 320GB HD and 2GB DDR2 for the DeBook. So now we wait.