1. can i build an external raid that will be compatible with my g5 and a intel mac book pro?

2. how many laptop batteries would i need to power the raid for let say 12 hrs? how could i power them on and off? what would be the cheapest(within reason) way to go about this?

3. where could i find some really silent fans for cheap?

4. any suggestions about mounting them and making it really shock absorbent?

5. what would be the best way to connect the mac book pro to the p2 store, firewire or ethernet, or maybe some other way?

6. would i have to put a processor in the box as well to control the raid or should i keep it brainless and just hook it up to the macbook pro?

7. how could i best configure this?

1. Yes, with no issues.
2. I am not sure about laptop batteries. I would try and go another route, and you would need to do some calculations to make sure you have enough power, but I would go with a car battery and a converter of some sort and power everything up.

I would go with something like this...


Although, you are going to have to find a way to tap into an sata connector on the laptop, or find some way to get that. I couldn't locate a firewire option.

Honestly, you are probably going to be best off just making the entire thing a system. Maybe you can add a small screen to the case with plexiglass over it and a trackpad to control it.
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