Alright.. well a lot of my plans have changed. But I guess that's the whole point of having a worklog right?

I got a hold of a 14' iBook 1.33 with a dead logic yesterday. I've got all the case plastics, working screen.. etc etc. The 1.33 has got the improved copper heatsink, which got me thinking.
One of the reasons why I haven't added the IR sensor and internal improvements is because of lack of space. But if I had a 14 Inch iBook I could make drastic improvements on cooling and additional functions. It shouldn't be too much of a chore to get the 12 Inch logic to go into the 14 inch case, and since it's the same general gen (G4) the screen is compatible. It'd be nice to have a larger screen, that was one of the drawbacks of the 12 in comparison to my MacBook.
Also.. having a 14 inch would reopen the possibility of the fiber-optic lighted keyboard because of the improved room. As well as finding a nice place for my bluetooth module, and a hub built into where the HD was... (I'm considering switching to SSD that seems to be the new in thing, and would definitely raise reliability.)
I had another question... If I'm doing this work log, if I create a mod guide will I be able to submit it to the mod contest? Another thing I wanted to ask was about multiple entries. I've got three projects, plus a project that I'm working on with my team.
I'm ditching the idea of backlit ports until I can develop a feasible strategy for doing so.
Finally, has anyone figured out a way to over clock the G4 iBooks?
All of the iBooks (2004 and Beyond) use the 7447A just at different clock speeds. Which would lead me to believe that if I clocked it higher, with sufficient cooling it'll be safe. If nobody has, I'm going to my test board with a magnifying glass.
The difference between the 14' heat sink and my 12' heat sink is enormous. With the fan running it idles 32C and load 40C. GPU is 38C idle, 43C load. I'm well within safe operating and over-clocking range.