This is going to be my worklog thread for the modifications on my iBook G4 so far.
So far the plans are:

RIT Dyed Black Everything (But Top Lid)
Fiber Optic Backlit Keyboard (Ported to G4)
Clear Lid (Ported to G4)
Integrated Bluetooth (1.2Ghz No Internal Bluetooth... :/)
Integrated IR Sensor (Front Left Corner)
Integrated IR Sensor Bar (In Top Lid.. for? You guessed it.. Wiimote IR Cursor)
Backlit ports (Preferably Red... Same color as backlit keyboard.)
Backlit Speakers smile
MCE DL-DVD+-R Drive Installation (Not quite a mod. But a planned upgrade)
It's already maxed in RAM, and I'm looking to get the largest PATA drive I can find for it.

I've already considered the detrimental effect on battery life these mods will have, thats perfectly fine as I'll have my MacBook for my main traveling machine soon. Plus I've got two batteries smile

iBook Pre-Mods:

Upside down, flash.

Top Lid.

Bottom, No flash.

Side View, LED.

Mod Process Pictures:

It's important to clean the parts you're dying. The oils from fingerprints and dirt can repel the dye/water.

Find a pan that will fit the case, with a bit of extra room. Also, if I can recommend.. Stainless steel. The name pretty much gives away why. You won't have a purple/red/blue/brown stained pan when you're done.

My good old pan, filled with about a bit less than a gallon of water. Boiling it up.
And some friendly RIT dye!

I had to post a picture of this because it looked awesome. Pre-Stirring after putting the dye in the pan.

I'm meeeeeeeeeeeeeelting! (Bottom case is submerged. I think you can see it a little.)
Shiny New Bottom Cover Dyed (Correctly):

Top cover dyed (But not cleaned..)

The dyebath gets quite bubbly, not to mention I didn't want a purple stovetop. A cookie pan over the top of it should take care of it. And remember, don't put paper towels too close to the flames like I did wink

After all of the dying was finished, I washed the pieces (AFTER they cooled!) in warm water and gently wiped off some of the leftover stray dye.

Heres a shot of the LED inside my HD bay vent. Looks pretty sweet later on.

The victim. Poor little USB Bluetooth dongle (10$ eBay) that I'm going to demolish for this.

Originally, I was going to mount the Module right here. But as I realized later... The speaker on the palm rest actually takes up that entire area.

Soldered onto the USB Port bottom side pins for testing.

Dip switch I inserted into the hollowed out FW400 Port. It controls 5V+ to the Bluetooth dongle. In other words, it's a bluetooth on/off switch. Next step for this is to get an 8 Pin DPDT switch and make the port usable again.

Test wiring...

Told you that HD bay LED looked sweet. (Test wiring 2)

Close up of the mini-DPDT toggle inside the FW400 Port.

Final location of the Module ended up being right underneath the AP-E card but above the ram. The ideal spot for it would've been where the old 56K modem used to be.

Glamor Shots: (Mod as of 80% Finished...)




Fun Update (Sarcasm...):
One thing you should never do while modding, is assume. I assumed that the battery connector for the iBG4 14' and iBG4 12' were the same. Soldered the wires in matching order. What I didn't realize is that since the battery connector on the 12' flips, the order does too. Ruined the on-board power supply, and thus killing the logic.
New one is in the mail.

The screen from this computer was used to revive a PBG4, so this project will continue under the 14' model. Besides, there are reports of 14's hitting 1.53Ghz. Let the overclocking begin!

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