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BTW, he's mentioned, several times, that it's the best $300 he's ever spent.

How does it stack up against the OLPC?

Haha ;D

Well the EEPC has faster hardware all-around, with a better processor (900mhz vs 433mhz) more RAM, and the like, so it's sort of a wash, performance-wise.
But, I can't really compare the two directly, as the OLPC is targeted specifically for the educational markets of developing, 3rd-world countries -and for the younger students, at that. With it's membrane keyboard it's a bit more kid-proof, although both machines seem plenty durable.

I know Asus shows a snapshot of kindergarten-aged kids on the EEPC, but I don't think I'd plunk an EEPC down in front of a couple of six-year-olds. I think it really is better suited to the SysAdmin, especially one who regularly works with headless rack-mounted systems.
I'd rather put kids on a 10-12 inch Windows or MacOS machine loaded with games and educational software... kids tend to lean toward big and colorful. The EEPC's seven-inch screen probably isn't going to hold their attention for very long, and neither is stripped-down Linux.
Of course, screen real-estate mentioned, both machines would lose with my imaginary kids. However, if I had kids, I'd put them on the OLPC before an EEPC. The OLPC would at least stand up to the abuse a kid at six could possibly put it through.
More likely than either, though, I'd put them on a 12-inch iBook G3.