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tcpmeta i thought your car was broken into? weren't you working on a carputer mod at the time?

I was working on it. They kept dieing or crashing as a result. Since the logicboard from the sawtooth died from heat I tried to finish the install with the second system and it crashed from a bad power supply, crashed the hard drive and also in the middle of working on a inverter for the LCD so it would work right. With that long extension cable it was killing the video IE fuzzy and loss in color and at times wouldn't even see connection. Shortly after that the engine blew and been rebuilding the car since then. Also the last system was stolen so now I basically have to start all over.

I won't be starting on the new carputer right away, still have to finish the car and also finish a few other things from the last build like the inverter and also the sound system.
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