Quick review.

Carputer 1.0
Burnt out from the hot sun
Slow as heck and by time it loaded up OSx I was half way to work.

Carputer 2.0
Switched to a PC and worked quite well for a week
Hard drive kept crashing
LCD only worked when it wanted to
It was stolen the other day

I'm already planning on the new CPC 3.0. I want it to be a mac but it's hard to find a mac that will handle what I want. I'm going to cheap out and use a power inverter instead of a DC-DC power supply. My last two DC-DC power supples died from overheating and blowing a fuse every hour or use when in use. I want to ether install the system under the seat or in the dash. Heres pics of carputer 1.0 and 2.0.

carputer 2.0

carputer 1.0

To live is to let die