I found the perfect circuit and have built it. Only cost me 30 bucks from the guitar store. I'm using the stock pickups and the pots. I bought a .047mfd capacitor, 2 SPDT and 2 DPDT switches.

I used extra Ethernet cable (CAT5e) and used it for the wiring.

I made a video to show off the tones it can make. I only had the bridge pickup wired up when I made it.

A few people have told me it sounds like a les paul. With the other switches including the phase switch it sounds even better then a les paul.

So in all I reused my pickups and 500k pots. If you like the sound then use the 500k pots and the .047mfd cap or if you don't like the sound try it out with the .02mfd cap or 250k pots.
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