I've been playing the guitar and bass guitar for almost 10 years. I could never really afford a nice guitar so I'm stuck with a low end Ibanez GAX75 guitar. The guitar sounds great on small practice amps but it's crappy on a huge amp. The neck pickup has too much high end and the bridge pickup has a real muddy sound. If both pickups are on it sounds like trash. I finally got the nerve to open up the back and take out the pickups. Kinda funny how Ibanez has it wired up. The guitar has two humbucker pickups, for some reason it is wired up as a giant single pickup on each humbucker. This is known as a fake humbucker. Most humbuckers use 4 wires (two for each coil) and the cheapy ones use 2 wires (2 to a coil). You can modify the pickup to a 4 wire very easily as long as you know basic electronics. You take apart the pickup and there should be four wires. Two to run to the main circuit and two that connects both coils (loop) together. All you need is telephone cable (cat5 works also) and you disconnect the loop to the coils and sodier the new wire onto the two wires. Thing is with my current circuit I have to rewire the whole guitar for this to work correctly.

Heres a example.




The rest of the circuit is very simple. I already have the hardware, just run more telephone cable around and I got a Les Paul in a Ibanez body. Might sound different of course but if I ever upgrade my pickups I can do it as a plug and play. With doing this mod with the current hardware and pickups I have ended up with that crappy high end sound still but received a mid end that sounds perfect for my style. Basically I lost that muddy low end and with the high and mid I have a crisp clear sound running though my carvin 1000watt power head.
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