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The configuration I'm trying to achieve is this:
- Left Channel: Left Channel
- Right Channel: Right Channel
- Center Channel: L/R Mix
- Surround Left: Left Channel
- Surround Right: Right Channel
- Subwoofer: Low Frequencies

Well if you want the L/R Mix in the center channel then I believe you will get that out of the "Music" setting in the FireWave setup. It's Pro logic II but it is in stereo. If you have all the speakers sitting in front of you, then you just need to play with the trim and dimension settings to equalize the output volume of each speaker.

This will give you the desired effect with out any other equipment, connections, software, or frustrations. I tried it out my self on my own FireWave, and it sounded pretty good.

My situation was similar to yours. Except I was connecting to different receivers on different sides of the room, with their own speakers. That's why I ditch my iMics and went with the FireWave. Either way the results should be the same. ;D