Before I begin I would like to give the credit for this idea to simplesimon on flickr. I decided that I wanted to build upon his idea by making a custom dock for my iphone that was built into my desk. When I first got my iPhone I just used the dock that came with it. Unfortunately the dock was no use when I got my Agent 18 case for my phone. I love the case but it obviously does not fit in the original dock. The guys over at Agent18 really think about their products when they ship them out. Included with my case was a dock adapter for an universal dock which allowed me to use the encased iPhone with a dock. Smart idea right? It was a combination of not wanting to spend 50 dollars on a dock and the slick look that motivated me. The first thing I did was remove some unwanted plastic from the adapter that would only be used for the universal dock (some plastic tabs like things on the bottom side). After deciding where to put it on my desk I traced the shape of the adapter on the surface. Using an exacto-knife I carefully sliced a little to the inside of the lines all the way around. I did this enough to where the knife was going down to the top of the second layer (remember plywood has multiple layers). Fortunately the adapter was just as thick as one layer so it would sit flush with the desk. Then after some measuring I made a series of holes with a 3/8th bit alone the center of the rectangle. Using a chizel, hammer and exacto-knife, I carefully cut out one layer and began to carve out the unwanted wood. I did not have time to do it today but tomorrow I am going to use epoxy to attach the cable to the adapter on the bottom side of the desk. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!