Once you pick up a good hdtv, its hard to go back. This past summer, I picked up a 27" Olevia off of newegg. Not the most high end, but it had all the ports I wanted. So now, I have it set up with the Mac Mini going in via HDMI, the xbox 360 going in via component, the ps2 hooked up via composite, and a vga cable running from my G4 to the tv as well.

Currently, I use the mac mini for all my movie watching, since it has a dvd player, and two 250gb hard drives hooked up. And its a first gen PPC mac mini too. Intel Mini, nah, dont need it. AppleTV? nah, doesnt have a DVD drive. FrontRow, cool, but I use VLC to play back a lot of stuff. currently, considering how little money its cost me to get to this point, I wouldnt trade my set up at all smile