Well my old TV went out. I finally went hightech and bought a Sharp Aquos 32inch HDTV. My room mate also bought a PS3 for the new TV.

To top things off I have done some neat stuff with my Gaming PC and xbox360. The PC and 360 is in the office. I have the special cable that lets you use a VGA monitor on the 360. From there I have a HDMI cable going to the PC so with a click of a button on the monitor I can switch video on both systems.

Now what does all have to do with each other? I have bought a switch that is meant to share two computers with one monitor, keyboard and mouse. I have ran 30feet of VGA video cable to the living room to the HDTV. I also ran 35ft of audio (RCA style) cable from my speaker system on the 360 and PC to the stereo in the living room. I can play computer games and 360 games on the TV in the living room. As long as the office door is open the signal for the keyboard, mouse and 360 controller reaches. The video and audio cables are hidden under the rug. I thought about running it though the attic but the cable would be too long and I would lose signal. Already with 30ft the video is a tad grainy but when sitting on the couch it is hardly noticeable.
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