The other night when I was at work I had my iPod connected to the boom box. A co-wroker knocked it into a pan of sourkarut. The iPod was fine but after 30minutes it started to skip like a CD and a message coming up stating "Please disconnect Firewire cable and use USB cable".

Well soon after that I got the dead iPod symbol. I cracked it open and and dried it out for a few hours and used a Q-Tip and contact cleaner. Everything was good to go. I put it back together turned it on and said I have to reflash it. As soon as I connected the cable I got the sad ipod symbol. Since then it always shows the sad ipod symbol and none of my computers see's it. When it's plug into my PC it see's it as a Unknown USB device and on the mac it shows up as a USB hub.

So to rule this out I have a dead logicboard. Should I buy a new logicboard or should I cut my losses and buy a new iPod? I know the LCD works and the clickwheel is fine but I have no idea how the hard drive is or the battery. I tried using my voltmeter but the voltmeter probes are too big.
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