Hi all, first post but i have been lurking for a bit.

Im not new to the modding community altogether. I used to custom build PCs for a time, for myself and others, and did get my hands dirty enough to build some experience. I never got HEAVY into it (too much dremmeling, serious fabrication work, etc..) but i have been paying attention, and i used to build model cars yadda yadda. Funny thing is, im not even here to ask about a mod I would do...so im not sure why im telling you all this....lol

Anyway, as listed in my sig, i just picked up a 12" Powerbook. Its the 867, with 640 RAM, virtually cosmetically flawless, a perfect battery all original software and cables (in the orig box), and i got a helluva deal on it. My FIRST plan is to jam it ful of ram since of COURSE it only has 128 built in. I just couldnt splurge on a 1.5GHz model at the time.

Now, i looked into this back before i gave my mom the Wallstreet 300MHz with Panther on it i had been running before the 12", so it got me thinking about potential proc upgrades. Of course, with the wallstreet, not only did it take some fanagling to get panther on it in the first place...turns out it wouldnt have run right at all with say, a sonnet upgrade. Well, after some searching it looks like i CAN have the 867 upgraded to a 1.4GHz if i send her away and have some "certified technician" re-solder all this stuff....to keep it short (too late!)

Anyway...barring the cost, since i abs love my 12"...what are the pros and cons from people with any real world experience with this. Will everything still work?

i was looking at these places...

Basically, any info you have would be great!
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