Hi guys, been a while since I last posted on MacMod.
I have a little problem.

I recently installed the honorable X.5 on my PowerMac G5 and now,
for some reason, Exposť, the Dock and Spaces don't work anymore.
I did a clean install and reformatted the disk to zeroes prior to instal-
ling Leopard, and it worked for a while but then suddenly gave up.

I thought it was a disk malfunction, since the G5's disk had been
faulty for a while, so I bought a new Samsung 500GB drive and
cloned the original disk to that using the latest Carbon Copy Cloner.
I booted off that and it still didn't seem to work, but it WAS a clone
of an install, so I'm going to try installing a fresh copy of Leopard.

Any other ideas that might be doing this? The vid card seems to be
in order.