I got my hands on a working blue berry iMac for $50. 6gn hd, 256 ram. USB 1.1 only. I want this for a file server. I got os 8.5 with it, 9.2.2 installed. I bought 10.1.3. Hd's are ones I had laying around, pata.

I tried upgrading the harddrive. I tried a 160gb one, able to boot, the os x cd, and partition it, only 128gb can be seen, but can't partition it so it will install on it.

80gb will not allow the system to boot. It was he boot drive for winxp sp2.

15gb, was able to partition it, and install os x on it, unable to boot off harddrive. I tried installing 8.5, same thing.

the origional hd, untouched, and still working on 9.2.2.

I don't understand why the 15gb won't boot.

Looks like the HD connector on the logic board is a mini ata, so I'll need a 2.5" to 3.5" ata adaptor to use a regular pc slave/master.

The cd connector on the logic board is a regular 3.5" ata, but looks like a 2.5" ata at the cd-rom. Can I still add a slave HD and keep the cd-rom? Or is it best to ditch it, after installing the os?