If I were you I wouldn't waste the money on a Beige G3, because the system bus speed is so slow, 66mhz .
I had a G3 iMac at 333 MHZ, and the thing was just slow doing anything but simple things in OSX. However, in OS9 the thing was flipping fast! I then maxed out the ram and threw in a G4 466 MHZ processor. Honestly, the iMac didn't run any faster in OSX. I then sold that and bought a G3 500 Pismo, and it had a 100 MHZ system bus. The thing could literally run circles around the upgraded G4 iMac.
I now run a $15 B&W Powermac G3, that I stuck more money than I should have into it. I bought: a Radeon 9200 128MB for $100, maxed out the ram for about $ 70, and bought a G3 1 GHZ zif Processor upgrade for $150 (this is cheaper now). All of this with shipping was around $425. It runs pretty good, but somethings it continues to be ridiculously slow at, *cough* iphoto *cough* . I probably should have put the money towards a mini or a G4 PowerMac.

I don't exactly know what you want to be able to do with this computer, but it will most likely run slower than you expect it to. My Powermac G3 1 GHZ can't even run videos off break.com without stuttering. On paper the computer may look good, but it probably won't run as well as you want it to.