I'm an occasional reader and first-time poster here, so I sincerely apologize if I'm posting this in the wrong section or it's a flat-out dumb question.

I've got a 333 iMac that I was intending to stuff into maybe a Centris 610 case for a basic little server or iTunes box.  I managed to dismantle it completely without frying myself, and hooked the motherboard to the power board and the power button to test.  But no love.

The power board appears to be ok--I measure a 5V line making it to one side of the power button, and I can hear something power up and discharge when I plug or unplug it from the wall.  But when I press the power button (on the little external board with the headphone jacks), I get nothing--not so much as a twitch.

It's been in storage for quite a while, so it's entirely possible it's just broken (or I killed it, though I don't think I did), but I'm hoping somebody else has done this and can let me know if the analog/monitor board needs to be attached for it to work, or if there's a pin on that that needs jumpering before it'll power up.

The handful of tray-loader tutorials I managed to find mostly included replacing the power supply, which I actually didn't want to do, hence my coming here...