Hi, Waragainstsleep,

thank you very much for the helpful pointers. I will try to find a nice compact case then.

I already thought about something along those lines but it's great to hear from somebody who has actually done something like that before as I am a complete newbie regarding such mods.

Regarding the defective display: no, it is not cracked. The display has already been replaced twice by Apple under warranty. The symptoms were: the display would start to flicker (all white areas started flickering in a bright, green-ish color). Things would get worse all the time while sometimes, depending on the opening angle of the display, the flickering would go away. One day, the screen went completely white and since that, it has stayed like that. When I power up the machine, the backlight comes on and the screen goes white. When I connect an external display, the image on the external monitor is ok. This is why I believe that the hardware (logic board etc.) is fine while the built-in display seems to have gone bad. The machine itself has not been damaged in any way.

@Rubyducky: Contrary to the iBook, the Powerbook supports screen spanning which is why I care about not having the Powerbook "believe" that the internal display is available.

Anyway, thanks for all your advice. I will see what I can do with it and post my results in case anybody is interested.