Hi everybody,

I have a Titanium PowerBook 800 DVI with a dead display lying around. Other than that, it works perfectly.

Now, I would like to turn it into a desktop-only computer with an external monitor hooked up to it, and, while I am at it, I would like to perform the following modifications:

- detach the defective display as the backlight still goes on when the computer starts.

- take the guts of the machine and build it into some sort of desktop case

- add an internal 3.5-inch hard disk and a standard DVD burner

- get rid of the battery.

My questions:

Is this possible? Has anybody done that before and if so, is there a PC case that would be particularly suitable for that?

Is it possible to "convince" the PowerBook that there is no internal display (i.e. that the display signal is only sent to the DVI port) as a default setting? Is it enough to disconnect the PowerBook display and connect an external monitor?

Thanks for your advice.