hy dudes...
yesterday i received my Highpoint Rocket Raid 1520...
I proudly installed it..but no recognition...

ok..so i went to: http://www.hptmac.com and downloaded the Mac Driver 1.0
with confidence i rebooted and NO recognition...


so i used my test card a: Firewire+USB card for checking the PCI-Slots...recognized in System-Profiler

but why does this damn card doesnt works?

i dont have got any HD connected now...but it should also recognize it...

here the pics: (on hptmac theres a lil different card)


i contacted Highpoint Technologies...but till today no answer...

it would be harmful if it wouldnt work..:(

Thank you folks

My babys:

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Modded PowerMac G4 Quicksilver/1GBRAM/Dual 1Ghz/6800 GT FLASH Giga-Designs
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