Hey anyone like old Macs?  Well have I got a classic for you! Running Mac OS 7.something and with a whopping 35 megs of memory, 68LC040 processor. And a 640 x 480 screen! Also the first (I think) Trackpad!

Quote from another site:

"The 500 series included several firsts: the first portable with a trackpad, the first with a PCMCIA (later PC Card) slot, the first with stereo speakers, the first with built-in ethernet, the first with an "intelligent" NiMH battery, the first with an expansion bay, and the first to automatically go to sleep when the lid was shut. In the field, users raved about the dual battery slots, allowing up to 4 hours from a charged pair of batteries."

Its going on ebay if no one here wants it. so make me an offer via PM please.
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