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I was given a 1.25 Alu 15" PB the other day. The screen was bust (not cracked) and lots of dents in it. I replaced most of the lid and now the only thing wrong with it is a slight dent near the power jack. Its fully loaded too, backlit keyboard, superdrive, 80GB HD and 2GB of Kingston RAM.
And my boss gave me an ex-rental 20" ADC flat panel display.
I love free stuff.

Yeah, mine has the 5400 rpm 80Gb, too, as well as the backlit keyboard, which I'm fairly nonplussed about. I thought I'd be more impressed with it.

Now that I have both a MacBook and  this 1.5Ghz PowerBook, I'm wondering if I shouldn't sell both and buy a 15" MacBook Pro, or just find a local shop which would make a trade.

Anyone with any arguments for why I should or shouldn't make such an exchange?
I'm completely on the fence at the moment.
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