I think I just passed everyone by today... :P

My friend just gave me his 15" aluminum PowerBook. IIRC, it's a 1.5Ghz model.
The only thing wrong with it is the trackpad, which he busted while tinkering. I'm cleaning the case off now, with alcohol, as it's pretty messy... I'm surprised there aren't many scratches, but I don't think it left his house too often.
Then I'm going to open it up, plug the cable back in to the logic board, power on and use my Graphire 3.

Hell, I think I'll run Kubuntu and WINE on my MacBook, and OS X on the new (to me!) PowerBook.                 

He wouldn't sell it to me, said he didn't want to go through the trouble of having it repaired, so he just gave it to me. I wish that would happen more often smile
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