My wife comes home from work the other day, (shes a teacher) and says" I have a junk Mac they where throwing away at work. I tossed it in the back seat."

So I go get retrieve the poor thing from an undignified position now on the floor. I bring it into the house.

I look it over and its the cleanest, best looking Quicksilver I have ever seen. It not scratched or smudged  anywhere!

So I open it up and its just as clean inside. I hook it up and get a good chime, then the folder icon.

I grab the hard drive out of my Blue&White and plug it in. Boots to 10.4 no problem!

Its an 867 mhz with one 512 stick of ram! AND THEY WHERE TOSSING IT IN THE TRASH!

Made my day. ;D
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