Since having a few of my compys die on me in the last few months i've decided to part them out.

LCD screen with bezel and inverter
Aluminum subframe with hard drive carrier and cable
VST Dual battery charger (powerbrick for charger can be used on the Pismo as well.)
Dial-up modem
Battery DC/DC charge control board. (Didn't know the actual name of it. It also has the mouse click control onboard)
DVD-rom drive
VST Zip 100 drive. includes about 20 zip disks.
400MHZ CPU with heatsink
Inside top bezel. Includes trackpad, speakers, powerbutton, and carrier for Airport card.
1x128mb PC133 RAM

Near complete G4 15" powerbook. This is the 1gHz model. The conclusion I came to with this unit was the VRAM was failing. This is soldered onto the logic board, hence the logic board needs to be replaced. It has bluetooth, airport extreme, and 1.5gig of RAM. It is a near whole machine. I it does not have a HD or optical drive since i'm using them to upgrade other machines.  please make only make a serious offer on this machine if you are interested. I may part it out if I deem it worth the hassle/cost or have enough interest from others.

Other miscellaneous parts:
Full plastics for B&W G3
Mixed plastics from B&W and Sawtooth not including screws
One full set of case screws for plastics
2x 256MB PC3200 RAM
1x 256MB PC2700 Powerbook RAM

2.4gHz 15" MacBook Pro, 1.66gHz Core Duo Mac Mini, 2.5gHz G5 QUAD, 733mHz Quicksilver, 450mHz G4 Cube, 700mHz G3 iBook, 350mHz Sawtooth G4, 350mHz Revs. A and B B&W G3, 16mHz Powerbook 100, 8mHz Macitosh Classic.