Ok, a bit of a change of technique/idea. But same stuff basically.
I painted both the top cover panel and the bottom panel. I used a black metallic paint and engine clear coat (resistant up to 500F smile ) I took both panels, and sanded them with 1200k grit sand paper. I cleaned them afterward throughly with rubbing alcohol and then the fun starts. Since the black metallic I got was made for toolboxes, it's basically already pretty gouge-proof (tested or I wouldn't beleive it.) but the engine clear coat is there to seal the deal. I put the first coat of black on. waited 5 hours, second coat of black. Waited 6 hours. 3rd coat of black. (in between-- wet sanding each time.) and finally I just put the last coat of black on. Tomorrow when I awaken I will finish clear coating (3 coats) thing should look way sexy when it's finished though. I left the inner parts white (inner screen bezel and hand rest/keyboard.) I'm now looking for a fully intact iBook G3 15' keyboard or a 12' one would work too.
I need to find someplace to tap 3-5v from that only is powered when the computer is on. If anybody knows of a good spot.. Please note. Or it's to the multimeter I go! 
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