See, I already have a unique paint design ready. But I think my biggest issue is that I'm weary to paint atop the hardcover. I really don't want to end up having paint chip off/scratch easily.

Heres the plan so far:

I was thinking a Plastic Primer - Black Flat Top Coat - Polyurethane finish.

My Apple will be turned red using a Red Spotlight Gel.

My middle layer (where the lid hook/sleep light is:
Plastic Primer - Flat Grey Top Coat - Polyurethane finish

And the bottom is going to be stock white.

I was also thinking about adding dual white LEDs to light up the keyboard in darker areas.
Does anybody know if the translucent key iBook G3 keyboards are compatible with iBook G4s? Because solid white keys really don't do too well when it comes to lighting. (iBook G3 12' - iBook G4 12')

I'm having trouble coming across some information on painting the iBook G4's plastic white case... I just want to make sure I'm using the right combination of paint/finish. I don't want to have it start to chip. smirk
(This makes me sooooo jealous of iBook G3s.)

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