Hey Guys, I'm a bit new here. But I just got my hands on my first real powerful Mac. (though I've been using them since Apple II/si)

Anyway, I've got a couple things I wanted to give a try with my iBook G4.
1.2Ghz G4 + 1.25GB DDR + 120GB Scorpio HDD + Superdrive

Now, I really am not quite sure what to do with it. I did the various hardware upgrades, but I was looking for a fun Mod project to really get this thing moving.

I was thinking of possibly modding the top cover, painting it black (Although it's not like the G3s where I can paint it on the inside of the case sadly..) cutting a window in it.. Possibly lighting modifications.

If anybody has any projects they know about, or anything at all. I'm more than intrested. Otherwise, I'm just going to wing it.

I also just got my hands on 2 Pismos that are in severe need of some upgrade and modification. 550Mhz G4 Upgrade Here We come! Smiley
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