You have three decent options for the B&W G3.

1. Mac Edition Radeon 32MB - better than the 7000 Radeon

2. Radeon 7000 Mac Edition 32MB - Works ok

3. Radeon 9200 PCI Mac Edition 128MB - best you can get but is it worth the money ?

I have B&W's with both the original Radeon and the 9200. There is not much difference in average computing. The 9200 is better at gaming obviously but the 32MB Radeon will do the about anything else just fine.

The 9200 PCI Radeon was designed for the B&W so it does not suffer from lack of PCI speeds or anything like that in the 66MHZ video slot.

All of the 64MB Radeon cards are PC cards flashed with Mac ROMs and I would avoid them.